Kassim Afegbua who is the spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has scored President Muhammadu Buhari low in his first 100 days of his second term in office.

Channels TV reports that Afegbua who made an appearance on the TV station on Monday, September 9, said: “I’m not seeing any hope in the horizon.” According to him, “nothing has happened in the last 100 days” and the only thing he remembers is that “the president came on board with a cabinet”.

The PDP spokesperson criticised the government for not holding a Federal Executive Council meeting. Afegbua also criticised the Katsina state government for negotiating with bandits. He said: “Within these 100 days, we are also seeing that some governors are negotiating with bandits.

The Katsina state government drove all through the forest and celebrating that they were striking deals with bandits. “For me, the critical issues of security, unemployment, decayed infrastructure and all of that have to be captured properly if we are actually going to make headway.” Sani Yabagi who is the presidential candidate of the Action Democratic Party also scored Buhari low saying he is yet to see signs that show Nigerians are confident of the administration. He said: “In 100 days, nothing has changed in terms of the security architecture of this country. People are still being killed, kidnapped, and bandits are having their free will to do what they like. “The president preparing to go to South Africa is good, but we have bigger problems at home. I think the 100 days is just about programmes, motions, no movement yet in terms of what is going to happen.”

Meanwhile, the ruling All Progressives Congress national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, said President Buhari has performed well in his first 100 days in office in his second tenure. He said Nigerians can no longer refer to him as “Baba go slow”. Speaking in Abuja on Friday, September 6, Oshiomhole said Buhari had done well in his first 100 days in office. He said the president can be referred to as ‘Baba Fast’.

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